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Do Not Quit in Response to an Anticipated Wrongful Termination
Do Not Quit in Response to an Anticipated Wrongful Termination

It is not uncommon for an employer who wants to terminate an employee for an illegal reason (such as discrimination) to first attempt to get the employee to quit. The actions taken by the employer to get the employee to quit can take many forms. The employer will make the ...

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    • Morgan Keegan Selling Toxic Debt To Seniors

      The Memphis based broker Morgan Keegan is under fire for allegedly selling toxic debt to seniors. Multiple lawsuits have been filed charging the firm ...

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    • Imposing a Sex-Stereotyped Stigma On Employees Violates Title VII

      The Eighth Circuit joins other U.S. Courts of Appeals that have ruled on claims that an employer violated Title VII by imposing a sex-stereotyped ...

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    • Deputy Sheriff Uses Excessive Force On a 15 Year Old Female

      on March 2, 2009 5:39 PM A 15 year old girl was arrested with a friend for the taking of her friend's mother's car without the mother's permission. ...

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    • Former Transit Police Officer Charged With Murder

      The former transit police officer that shot and killed an unarmed 22 year old in Oakland California on News Year Day has been charged with murder. ...

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    • Terminated from Subsequent Employer and the Mitigation of Damages Issue

      Mitigation of damages issues arise when the employee who was wrongfully terminated gets a new job and then is terminated by the new employer. Many ...

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    • Gender Wage Gap - 78 cents on the dollar

      How large is the gender wage gap? - 78 cents on the dollar. Women earn about 78 cents to a man's dollar according to the latest data from the Bureau ...

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    • Summary Judgment Defeated in Race Discrimination and Retaliation Case

      Our lawyers recently defeated an employer's motion for summary judgment in an employment discrimination case involving race discrimination and ...

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    • Do Not Quit in Response to an Anticipated Wrongful Termination

      It is not uncommon for an employer who wants to terminate an employee for an illegal reason (such as discrimination) to first attempt to get the ...

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    • Successor Liability for Employment Claims

      Buyers are not necessarily protected from employment claim liabilities that arose under prior ownership. Courts have held successors liable for ...

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    • Employee Use of Social Media

      Employers are increasingly terminating employees for social media use both in the office and outside of the workplace. Employees have to be careful ...

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    • Death in the Family is Not Automatic Grounds for FMLA Coverage

      A death in the family is not automatic grounds for FMLA coverage. Presently, the FMLA does not provide for bereavement leave. There has been ...

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    • 3rd Circuit Rules Public Agency Supervisors Can Be Liable

      The Third Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that supervisors at public agencies can be held individually liable for violations of the Family and Medical ...

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    • Liquidated Damages Under the FMLA

      The FMLA allows a prevailing party to recover liquidated damages equal to the amount of damages provided by the jury for lost wages, plus interest. ...

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    • Former Hartford Police Officer Defeats the City's Motion for Summary Judgment in Wrongful Termination case

      Former Hartford police officer Alfred Lassen has defeated the City of Hartford's motion for summary judgment in a wrongful termination case. Officer ...

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    • Our Lawyers Defeat Employer's Motion for Summary Judgment

      A former employer of our client filed a motion for summary judgment arguing that the case should not proceed to a jury trial. A motion for summary ...

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    • Frontier's Motion for Summary Judgment Denied in Equal Pay Act Case

      We are pleased to report that the federal court has denied Southern New England Telephone Company, d/b/a Frontier Communications of Connecticut's ...

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    • $130,000.00 Workers' Compensation Discrimination Settlement

      Sabatini and Associates has settled a wrongful termination case for $130,000.00. The case involved a claim of workers' compensation discrimination. It ...

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    • Lawsuit Filed For Worker Fired After Filing For Workers Compensation

      Attorney James Sabatini has filed a lawsuit on behalf of his client for wrongful termination. The client suffered a work-related injury. Due to the ...

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    • Protection For Workers Standing Up For Co-Employees

      on August 28, 2008 7:27 PM | Permalink | Comments (0) | TrackBacks (0) The US Supreme Court has ruled that the federal civil rights laws that protect ...

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