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Successful Employment Case Results

Below please find examples of our results. Additional results can be found and read about in our Blog.

Breach of Contract

$5,000,000.00 Judgment - Our attorneys obtained a $5 million dollar judgment in a breach of contract case. Our client entered into a contract with Colt's Manufacturing. The contract called for the payment of commissions to our client. The company failed to pay the commissions owed under the terms of the contract. Pursuant to the terms of the contract, the legal claim was mediated before a panel of three arbitrators. Sabatini and Associates prevailed in arbitration. The arbitration panel awarded our client five ($5) million dollars. The award was subsequently confirmed by the Hartford Superior Court.

$575,000.00 Settlement - The firm represented a client who was in a four-way partnership in an LLC. The parties had a partnership agreement formed under Delaware law. Shortly after forming the partnership, the client was terminated on the basis of a clause in the agreement that allegedly allowed the remaining partners to force her out. She was not given any benefits. Sabatini and Associates took over the case from another law firm. We subsequently contacted the defendants' attorneys and outlined several causes of action that we intended to file on behalf of the client. Defense counsel then agreed to enter into negotiations. The negotiations resulted in a settlement where our client received not only her share of the company but also damages and attorney's fees.

$750,000.00 Settlement - Our attorneys obtained an arbitration award in of $380,000.00. Our client was involved in a business and employment dispute where she was wrongfully terminated from a job at a company where she was also a minority shareholder. Following the arbitration award, the case settled in the amount of $750,000.00 Sabatini and Associates was not the original law firm in this case. Before our involvement, the defendant's settlement offer was zero (0) dollars.

Employment Discrimination and Retaliation

$235,000.00 plus Job Reinstatement Settlement - Attorney James Sabatini settled an employment discrimination and retaliation case involving a Hartford police officer. The officer was wrongfully terminated in violation of the FMLA and the ADA. The settlement included job reinstatement, restoration of all employee benefits, seniority status restoration, back pay, and emotional distress.

$120,000.00 Settlement - Our client lost her job as result of gender and age discrimination. The case settled for the full amount of the client's back pay, along with compensation for emotional distress.

$115,000.00 Settlement - Attorney James Sabatini secured the settlement on behalf his client who lost her job as a result of pregnancy discrimination. While the case was pending, the client obtained new employment at a higher salary.

$410,000.00 Settlement - Our attorneys obtained a $410,000.00 settlement in an age discrimination case. The client was an air traffic controller that was denied employment by the U.S. Air Force on the basis of his age. The damages were largely confined to lost pension benefits. Due to the complicated nature of the loss of federal pension benefits, an economist was brought in as an expert witness. The economist confirmed the damages suffered by our client and calculated those damages in present-day value along with the necessary compensation to our client for the "extra" taxes incurred on receiving the lump sum settlement.

$200,000.00 Settlement - Attorney James Sabatini achieved a $200,000.00 settlement in an ADA and FMLA wrongful termination case. Our client's employer failed to advise him of rights granted under the FMLA and failed to provide a reasonable accommodation to the employee after his medical leave had been exhausted. The employer's initial offer in the case was zero ($0) dollars. After about seven (7) months of litigation, the case settled for an appropriate amount.

$100,000.00 Settlement - Attorney James Sabatini reached a settlement for a client who was wrongfully terminated in violation of the FMLA. The case was settled after Attorney Sabatini filed his objection to defendant's motion for summary judgment.

$50,000.00 plus Job Reinstatement Settlement -Our attorneys represented a client who was wrongfully terminated on the basis of a disability. Attorney James Sabatini filed a complaint on behalf of the client with the Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities (CHRO). Following months of negotiations, the case was settled against the Fortune 500 employer. The settlement included compensation and job reinstatement.

$120,000.00 Settlement - Attorney James Sabatini reached a settlement for a client in an FMLA violation and disability discrimination case. The client was wrongfully terminated in violation of the Family and Medical Leave Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act. Legal claims were filed on behalf of the client. The client was able to find a new job within three (3) months of her wrongful termination. The case settled approximately eight (8) months after it was filed.

$120,000.00 plus Job Reinstatement Settlement - Our client lost her job as a result of disability discrimination. Attorney James Sabatini secured a settlement for his client that included compensation and job reinstatement. The settlement made the client completely whole. Following her reinstatement, the client has been promoted and has received pay increases.

$150,000.00 Settlement - Our client was retaliated against after taking a disability leave of absence. The leave of absence was also protected under the FMLA. The case was resolved while it was pending before the CHRO and EEOC. The client obtained new employment shortly after the settlement.

$175,000.00 Settlement - Our client was a long-standing employee who developed a serious health condition that required significant medical treatment. To undergo the medical treatment, the employee required an extended medical leave of absence. When the employee received medical clearance to go back to work with certain temporary physical restrictions, the employer refused to allow the employee to return to work. The employer also failed to engage in the interactive reasonable accommodation process with the employee.

$250,000.00 Settlement - Attorney James Sabatini secured a $250,000.00 settlement in a FMLA lawsuit. The employer illegaly used the FMLA as a negative factor when selecting our client for a reduction in force. The case settled shortly before jury selection.

$200,000.00 Settlement -Attorney James Sabatini reached a $200,000.00 settlement in a race discrimination case. The employer elected to retain an employee who harbored a racial animus towards our client while terminating our client. The case settled on the eve of trial.

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